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Rapper and Senior VICE Parenting Columnist Kool A.D. Released a New Video, 100-Track Mixtape

The mixtape, 'O.K.,' serves as a soundtrack to his forthcoming novel of the same name.

by VICE Staff
Dec 1 2015, 4:00pm

On Thanksgiving Day, VICE's senior parenting columnist, the professional rapper and male model Kool A.D., dropped a 100-song mixtape called O.K. The tape is meant to serve as a soundtrack to his forthcoming novel of the same name, due out sometime next year from Sorry House, an independent publisher and novelty coffee mug producer.

O.K. is a long, sprawling production stuffed with bangers, but one of the stand-outs is the album's eponymous track. The video for "O.K.," which was also released on Thursday, shows A.D. rapping on a beach and looking very Cool Dad-y in a suite while pouring gasoline on a burning guitar and cradling his baby in his arms (not at the same time).

Watch the video above and then go download O.K. on Bandcamp, if you haven't already. It's pay what you want but there are 100 tracks, so don't be stingy.

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