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Watch Alice Glass's Handheld Horror Video for "Forgiveness"

"Forgiveness isn't always a moral act, the way some religions portray it," the singer said in a statement.

by Alex Robert Ross
Jan 11 2018, 6:17pm

Alice Glass’s “Forgiveness,” the second single off of her self-titled EP from last year, is a palpitating bit of dark-pop, full of claustrophobic lyrics, built on this line: “Four walls holding me / Cold eyes haunting me.” It’s difficult not to read that as a chunk of autobiography and a comment on Ethan Kath, whom Glass has accused of a pattern of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse towards her while the two were in Crystal Castles. The same goes for Glass’s video for “Forgiveness,” released Thursday, with its handheld horror aesthetic. “This song is about rejecting the idea of forgiveness,” Glass said in a statement. “Forgiveness isn't always a moral act, the way some religions portray it. Sometimes forgiveness can be exploitative or even predatory, especially when people use it as a means to guilt someone rather than heal them. When forgiveness is used to create a false sense of superiority it is a toxic act.”

Watch the Lindsey Mann-directed video at the top of the page.

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