9 Nostalgic Gifts That'll Earn You Cred When They're Trendy Again

Don't you wish someone got you that fanny pack before you knew you needed it?

by Danielle Kwateng-Clark
Nov 19 2018, 10:49pm

Photo by ZHPH Production via Stocksy

Everything in fashion always comes back around. Something about timepieces appeals to the present. This year, you don’t have to look too far for nostalgic gifts to get ahead of their comebacks—we got you.

Hey Arnold shirt

SS Hey Arnold Heart Tee

Hey Arnold! Has to be one of the most beloved shows from Nickelodeon’s roster of 90s programming. Based around a New York City kid, the animated show explored classism, ageism, and just life as a pre-teen scored with Jim Lang–produced jazz. Dumbgood’s ribbed crew neck T-shirt with a quote from character Helga Pataki will win over any fan’s heart.

Photo courtesy of LACOSTE

Unisex Disney Mickey Embroidery Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

LACOSTE debuted their Disney-inspired capsule collection this fall, just in time for gift-giving season. While the French brand celebrates its 85th anniversary, they also partnered with Disney to celebrate Mickey & Minnie’s 90th anniversary with youthful apparel.

Meg Earrings
Photo courtesy of Valen & Jette

Meg Earrings

A little bit of wealthy widower style can be added to your look with these gorgeous, mod-looking earrings. Valen & Jette’s Meg earrings have an “exaggerated floral motif and deep-green stones” that can dress up a white sweater and mom jeans ensemble or coordinate with a silver chandelier dress.

Magic 8 Ball
Photo courtesy of Target

Magic 8 Ball Game

At some point (I think?), the young kids in your family will get sick of being on their phones during holiday gatherings. This nostalgic toy will probably not answer their burning life questions (i.e. if Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson will get back together) but it should provide at least 15 minutes of stationary play time.

Mood Ring
Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Feelings Mood Ring

Quiet as it’s been kept, mood rings are having a major moment. Or maybe that’s just for us at Broadly. Either way, this accessory is a fun way of gauging your mood and looking cool.

Photo courtesy of Dumbgood

Cowboy Bebop Colorblock Crossbody Bag

Don’t call it a fanny pack. This color-block crossbody inspired by Cowboy Bebop, a 1998 Japanese anime television series set in 2071, is a convenient and fun way to hold your keys, wallet, and phone.

ikea box set
Photo courtesy of IKEA

Sammanhang Box Set

We’re totally not here for a Clueless remake, but we do support home decor items that channel Cher Horowitz. For a new college student or anyone who appreciates a houndstooth print, this box set from IKEA is a fitting option.

jump rope
Photo courtesy of IKEA

Lustigtled Jump Rope

Once the weather is warm, fun outdoor activities and exercise can be re-incorporated into the daily routine. For a family member, a friend, or the co-worker who wants to tap into their inner child, this jump rope is a cute gift. Bonus: It lights up as you jump.

ASOS sweater
Photo courtesy of ASOS

Collusion Sweater with High Neck

Immediately when I saw this sweater, I thought Native Tongues circa 1992. My second thought was buying it. This ribbed striped sweater from ASOS is a cozy, stylish, and legitimately nostalgic fashion piece that can be worn winter after winter.

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