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Mitski Is Like a Designated Driver for People on Drugs in This Short Film

'SITTING' stars the artist as someone who looks after people when they take a rare chemical.

by Daisy Jones
Nov 2 2017, 2:16pm

Lead image via Vimeo

Okay, so I don't know what kind of people you ~keep company with~ but have you ever been to a party and then realised that you're literally the only person not on loads of drugs? And you feel like you've just walked through the door and landed on the planet Jupiter? Except Jupiter is full of people named Mark who you are trying to have a normal conversation with in the garden but their jaws are swinging from side to side and sweat is dripping down their big square faces and they're stroking the grass and saying things like "I've just—I've just—I've just always wanted to be liked, you know? I think that's all anybody wants. I think that's the meaning of life."

Anyway, imagine it is your actual job to hang out with these people, all the time. Imagine your job title is 'drug sitter.' Because that's the role Mitski plays in this new short film called SITTING, written and directed by critic and writer Emily Yoshida, which is all about exactly that. Except, instead of it being people at house parties dabbing baggies of ket, the drug is something a bit more solitary and intense, a little pill that allows them to meet God, in more than "a poetic sense".

The film also turns into a semi-music video halfway through when she starts singing "Thursday Girl," a lush, romance-ridden track from her fourth album Puberty 2. So, if you're interested watch above, and click here to read everything we've written about Mitski in the past.

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