Stop What You're Doing and Listen to Rodney Hazard's 'Saint or Savage'

Here's the premiere of the rapper and producer's second album, a perfect soundtrack for your next weekend, featuring Lil Fame, M.O.P., Nessly, and more.

Feb 22 2018, 10:49pm

Rodney Hazard's music is the kind you for cruising the city with friends on a weekend night. There's a contagiousness to his melodies and production, which are the type to leave you sunken in your seat if you've taken a few blunt pulls while listening. Today, we're premiering Hazard's newest effort, his sophomore mixtape titled Saint or Savage. It hosts a number of stylistically and geographically diverse features, which most rap fans wouldn't expect to see on the same tracklist: Lil Fame from Brooklyn's M.O.P., Atlanta rapper Nessly, and Harlem's Ro Ransom. The project's title also asks a familiar question that many of us grapple with while assessing our life decisions: Am I a good or bad person? On Saint or Savage, Hazard, through his songs, lets you decide which end of the spectrum he falls on (it's complicated, of course). Anyway, stop what you're doing and just listen to the tape below.

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