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Cheesecake Factory's Glorious 'Brown Bread' Is Coming to Grocery Stores

Finally we are blessed with some good news.

by Mayukh Sen
Jan 22 2018, 10:14pm

Photo courtesy Cheesecake Factory

Here’s a hot take for you: There is no better reason to go to Cheesecake Factory than to eat its brown bread. While it's served as a preamble to whatever gut-busting meal you’ll order at the chain restaurant, I'd wager it's better than anything else you'd find on the menu. Please pass me that jewel of a dirt-colored wheat loaf, snug in its basket. Warm. Doughy. Subtle notes of honey. Slather some butter on it. Ascend to heaven.

Replicating it in the confines of your own home is, to be frank, a fool’s errand. Many home cooks have tried. Take a gander at the countless copycat recipes floating around the internet. You can try these for yourself, I guess, but they’re bound to be pale imitations.

Finally, some good news: The chain’s brown bread, Food & Wine reported on Monday, will be sold in grocery stores and online starting this week. It's one of the many offerings in the chain's “Cheesecake Factory at Home” product line, ranging from cheesecake mixes to cheesecake-flavored coffee creamers (...sure).

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A Cheesecake Factory representative confirmed to MUNCHIES on Monday morning over email that the chain will, indeed, be launching the product nationally “on a rolling basis starting this week.” It will be a soft launch; the bread will be sold in select Winn Dixie, Bi-Lo, and Harveys grocery stores this week, according to the chain, “with wider national roll out to follow in additional markets.”


The representative also confirmed to MUNCHIES that the bread will be sold in three varieties: heat-and-serve dinner rolls, mini-baguettes, and pre-cut sandwich loaves.

Oh, baby! Imagine the permutations. Toast it and smother it in jam and butter for breakfast. Make a cocoa-colored ham-and-cheese sandwich for a loved one. Serve it as a centerpiece to your friends at a dinner party. Cry into a loaf as you eat it, alone, with no one by your side. The brown bread, it is beloved for a reason.