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Taskforce's 'Return Notice' Mixtape Sits Somewhere Between Techno and Booty Bass

Whatever the fuck it is, it's rad.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Nov 21 2014, 3:28am

Like a schnitzel shop in Miami or 2 Live Crew gettin' down in Berghain, Silverback Recordings artist Taskforce's Return Notice mix is what happens when hip-hop influenced booty bass gets melded with techno. It's a bold move from the mysterious producer, who has manned the console for Le1f and Zebra Katz in the past, and it's a fittingly dark and adventurous release from the forward-thinking Belgian label.

Irt's all in celebration of Taskforce's Return Notice EP, a four-track sojourn of twisted sonics that is as fresh as it is challenging.

Laojiao - Taskforce
More Games - Kowton
Kish Free Zone - Renaissance Man
Liquid Cooled - Taskforce
Bugz (Jack Dixon Remix) - Low Concept
No Info (Renaissance Man Remix) - Taskforce
Percussion Workout 1 - Randomer
Ataxia No Logos - Gunnar Haslam
Hammerhoofd - J. Tijn
Weapon Training - Taskforce
fMRI - Gardland
55 Dias (Kowton Remix) - Jonas Kopp
Crent - Bleaching Agent
Bang That - Bleaker
Clinical Trial - Mosca
Our Secret Codes - Tomas More

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Photo credit: Alex Uncapher

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