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DIY Stalwarts Unstoppable Death Machines Will Never Slow Down

Listen to the lead single and title track "kNOw Tomorrow" from the duo's upcoming album.

by Zachary Lipez
Feb 2 2017, 4:02pm

Most people think they'll never give up. Even if self-loathing or despair is an integral part of their personal brand, they still think, on some psychic survivalist level, "that ain't me." But at the end of the day, usually long before the end of the day, they do, in fact give up. Rather, they usually compromise, buy in, work for change from the inside, man. Few and far between are those who, by dint of integrity, iron will, or just being too dumb to know when they're beaten, never give in. Unstoppable Death Machines are a wily and willfully abrasive combination of all three and god bless their DIY stalwart hearts. Art can save your life and, if you're especially bullheaded and willing to make out with the muse way past the point of safe return, art can be your life.

Unstoppable Death Machines is a family band, a noise-pop joy-punk duo of brothers Mike and Billy Tucci, who are from Queens but emerged from the Brooklyn scene that birthed the equally historically undervalued Ninjasonik and Japanther.  Mike and Billy are twins. Not identical—but it's definitely advised to wait 'til someone comes up and calls one of them by name before you address them. I'm pretty sure one is more outgoing and maybe one smokes more pot, but, gun to my head, I'm not sure which one which applies to. I know I owe money to Mike. But as the brothers are DIY lifers, I strongly doubt I'm the only one.

Unstoppable Death Machines are bass, electronics, drums, massive stacked amps, and self-designed face-vocal masks. They operate within the urban folk tradition of Big Black, Suicide, and Lightning Bolt, making unholy racket tempered with a sing along melodic sense that most of their ilk either lack or decline. Their last proper album, We Come In Peace, came out in 2012 and they put out a ten-minute improv single in 2014 but throughout have steadily toured worldwide, playing the Queens Museum, "proper" venues, and any house show that would have them; always present, loud, and spazzing the fuck out in every aspect of the truly independent landscape.

Their newest song "kNOw Tomorrow," from the upcoming March 3 album of the same name, is classic UDM, equal parts catchy and disruptive. We're stoked to premier it and also check out the drone footage of the billboard graffiti for the album by fellow NYC bon vivant, RAMBO

Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk and Ashley Jane Georgia, courtesy of Unstoppable Death Machines

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