A Tiny Drone Will Replace Your Selfie Stick Once and For All

The ubiquitously geeky selfie stick has a new competitor in AirSelfie, a pocket-sized drone camera.

by DJ Pangburn
Nov 29 2016, 5:41pm

Images courtesy AirSelfie

The selfie stick, in all its awkward ubiquity, might now have a serious challenger to its selfie throne. The challenge arrives via AirSelfie, a tiny, pocket-sized drone that doubles as a camera. Launched last week on Kickstarter, the creators of AirSelfie have already surpassed their crowdfunding goal by a significant margin.

Resembling a fusion of a smartphone OtterBox form factor, a cassette tape and a pocket drone, the AirSelfie case attaches to a user’s phone. When a user wants to take a selfie, they simply detach the AirSelfie drone, controlling it with an iOS or Android smartphone app.

There are three different functions. Selfie mode allows the users to move the AirSelfie directionally toward or away from the subject(s). In selfie motion control mode, the user is given a real-time virtual joystick to control the drone, while in flying mode the device is held horizontally, simulating a classic drone controller. Once the right camera position is found, the AirSelfie floats in mid air.

Once users have finished taking their selfie, they grab the drone and return it to its case where it is then charged. Meanwhile, the photographs are automatically saved to the app’s image library, and of course easily shareable through social media.

While this little piece of technology will likely attract a good number of selfie photographers, AirSelfie looks like it might have much more potential. With its pocket size and ability to clip to a smartphone, shooting some great aerial or tracking shots for a short film or video project could be made easier than ever.

Click here for more information on AirSelfie.


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