MIXED BY Spazzkid

Get ready for the best thirty minutes you'll spend all day.

Jan 23 2014, 10:18pm

Illustration by Geoff Kim

In life, and especially in DJ mixes, one should always consider quality over quantity—at least, that's what my mom always told me. Just look at the exalted bass auteur Burial; he doesn't release tracks as often as Tiesto, but when he does, they're actually good. And while Quentin Tarantino doesn't make nearly as many films as Michael Bay, when he does... well, you get the idea. Today's offering, a 30-minute mix courtesy of LA-via-Manila beatmaker Spazzkid, is definitely not the longest DJ mix you'll ever hear, but, to put it bluntly, it's off the hook. Spazzkid revels in soul-soaked, bubbly beats that are as crisp and delicious as a freshly picked, bright red apple, and he has a knack for making music that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. And who doesn't like feeling all warm and cozy?

Last year, the up-and-coming producer released a striking debut album, Desire (願う), which was filled with emotional highlights like "Getting To Know You" and "40 Winks." The tracks incorporated a range of sounds sampled from J-Pop to Nintendo games, all of which slip straight down your spine as they bounce off of each other. Since then, Spazzkid has slowly but surely built up a following and expanded his repertoire with some creatively crafted remixes and a handful of club dates around his stomping ground, LA. But enough blabbing from yours truly—it's time to close your eyes, light one up and dive into the deliciousness of this genre-bending mix from the kid himself.

Spazzkid - Getting To Know You (Snorlax Remix)
Knight One - Swords Cry [Kissed Records]
Les Loups - Elephant & Ivory (Vanilla Instrumental Remix)
Dam Funk - No More Love [Red Bull Music Academy]
RE:NDZ - Button A Button B [Maltine Records]
Cashmere Cat - With Me (Spazzkid Remix)
Neon Bunny - Oh My Prince [Doggy Rich Records]
Principal Dean - Hide Your Jewelry (813 Remix) [Loveless Records)
Avec Avec - Day By Day feat. Yuri Nakae [Maltine Records]
Spazzkid - Something About Us [Unreleased]

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