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WWWINGS' '3000' EP Is Depressive Suicidal Black Metal for the Club

"Now That's What I Call Music for Internet Suicide Pact"—out November 13 on Symbols.

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 10 2015, 7:10pm

WWWINGS are relatively new trio made up by the likes of Lit Internet, Lit Daw and Lit Empty, who probably all have net art-leaning Tumblrs. Of those three artists, you're most likely to be familiar with the first, whose mixtape/album Angelysium came out this year to critical acclaim and featured a stacked roster of guests, including NAAFI's Lao, NYC's GRONOS1, and Bala Club's Endgame.

Today, we're sharing the group's new 3000 EP, their third of 2015. It's full of downtrodden, somewhat grimey, more generally oblique and futuristic tracks—very suitable for a walk underneath threatening grey skies. There's an interesting cinematic current in the track titles, too, with names like "DIVINE," "GENESIS," "DEATHWISH," and "REDEMPTION."

Considering that the release, streaming below, raises a lot more questions than it answers, we figured we'd reach out Lit Internet ourselves to try to get a sense of what's going on here, and the resulting interview, conducted via email, follows after the jump. Be sure to get the release on Symbols when it's out November 13—plus, if you preorder now, you get a free DL of "DIVINE."

THUMP: Was there a concept behind the EP? If not, what brings all the tracks together as a single release? What was your vision for it?
WWWINGS: Now That's What I Call Music for Internet Suicide Pact.

What was the recording/producing process like?

What are some things that influenced you while making it?
We Bare Bears, Gucci Mane and DSBM.

Is there an overarching narrative? Did youhave something specific in mind for the track sequencing you chose?

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