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Some of the Worst Paul Walker Death Tweets

No celebrity can die without a phalanx of poorly worded, unfortunate, and in some cases, blatantly offensive comments defiling the dignity of his or her demise. Paul Walker is no different, and unfortunately, if you look hard enough, you'll find some...

by Dave Schilling
Dec 1 2013, 8:37pm

Photo via Flickr user Tim Evanson

When a celebrity dies, the online community divides into two distinct camps: the oversharing, sincere mourners and the blatantly insensitive amateur comedians. The first camp doesn’t even need to be intimately familiar with the deceased. A tweet or post could simply say, “I watched him or her in some of my favorite films, TV shows, and YouTube videos, and I will miss his or her singular contribution to my life.” The second camp makes some crass joke to prove how edgy they are, while also revealing they are incapable of the simple human emotion of empathy. These jokes can come from anyone, but usually come from short, bald, ugly men who’d chop their own dicks off for a retweet from Howard Stern.

When news hit yesterday that Fast & Furious star Paul Walker had passed away in a car accident, the cycle of acceptance and annoyance began yet again. Here's a sampling of the reaction, both heartfelt and genuinely stupid.