You Can Undress the Models in This Fashion Shoot

Or dress them up. Whichever you'd prefer, really. It's like the 2014 version of those sticker books where you could take people's clothes on and off. This is way better, because you won't leave the stickers on the carpet and get them all linty.

by Freel and Gorse
Nov 17 2014, 12:36pm

Hat, glasses, and belt from Cyberdog, Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott tracksuit pants, Hyon Park jacket, Vfiles Sport Plus T-shirt, Kitty Joseph shorts, Owen Hughes leggings, sneakers from Blitz Vintage

This post originally appeared on VICE UK

PHOTOGRAPHY: Freel and Gorse
STYLING: Bridi Foden

Stylist's assistant: Grego Afterall
Make-up: Amy Conley using Mac
Hair: Brooke Neilson using Bumble and bumble
Models: Malcolm from Supa and Tara from M&P

Remember being a kid and playing with those sticker books where you could take people's clothes on and off, like some kind of God-like Rachel Zoe? Well, it's 2014 now, and thanks to code and computers, stickers have become as obsolete as pagers, taking hair gel onto an airplane, or having an argument that doesn't end with someone googling the answer and ruining it for everyone.

Look at this shoot, for example—you can do exactly what you did with those books (move the clothes around). Only, it's much better than that because you don't end up getting lint all over your stickers and never being able to use them again.

Daniel Palillo hat, Roberto Piqueras mask and hoodie, belt from Blitz Vintage, Alex Foster shawl and boots, Marie Maison jumper and shorts, Bonnie Bowely socks

Hat and visor from Cyberdog, Marie Maison backpack (worn on front), Hyon Park jacket, T-shirt from Beyond Retro, Alex Mattson joggers, CAT boots

Roberto Piqueras mask, General Eyewear visor, belt, leggings, and cycle top from Blitz Vintage, Owen Hughes pants (worn as a cape), gloves from Sports Direct, Croc shoes

Roberto Piqueras mask, General Eyewear glasses, belt from Blitz Vintage, Bonnie Bowely jacket, jacket and leggings from Rokit, Joyrich skirt, UGG slippers

General Eyewear visor, Adidas Original by Jeremy Scott sports bra and shoes, belt from Rokit, Helen Marudas shorts, leggings from Blitz Vintage

Cyberdog visor, Marie Maison hoodie, Hyon Park towel shawl, jacket from Rokit, swimsuit from Beyond Retro, Bonnie Bowely socks, UGG boots

Kangol hat, Cyberdog visor, gloves and mac from Sports Direct, hoodie from Rokit, Bonnie Bowely skirt, Hyon Park socks, Croc shoes