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February 17, 2009, 10:19pm

All-around good guy and our pal Jocko Weyland used to work as a photo librarian, which gave him a real nose for rescue and preservation. Back in the 1940s and '50s The Associated Press and UPI and other agencies would send prints out to their member newspapers, and when the newspapers would go out of business they'd discard all their old files, which often eventually ended up as junk sold at flea markets or garage sales. Jocko liberated hundreds of these photos from their destinies and ferreted them away for the day when they'd all be displayed on the walls of KS Art for a show called "Almost News." There's so many of them you literally need a ladder to be able to see them all. But you don't have to bring your own. The gallery has one. Click below for a preview of what you'll see if you go there before the end of March.

That's 500,000 volts of electricity getting zapped into/onto the car.

This is Carol Fulgate. She was the girlfriend of Charles Starkweather, a guy who went on a killing spree in 1958 and inspired the great Terrence Malick movie Badlands. In this picture she is being transported back to Nebraska to go to jail.

The half-broom was ordered by a housewife who wanted to be able to sweep the threshold.

This is Clara Rockmore, a/the theremin virtuoso.

He didn't like getitng his glasses wet during rain and snowstorms so he invented the battery-powered eyeglass windshield wipers.

The bunny is smoking for cancer research.

The flag is made out of $50,000 worth of red, white, and blue dyed fox furs.