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PREMIERE: Bask in the Visceral Desperation of Gilded Lily's New Album, 'Mongrel's Light'

Listen to this Ontario trio blend black metal, death metal, grind and post-hardcore into decayed perfection.

by Kim Kelly
Aug 5 2016, 3:28pm

I take a lot of pleasure in spotlighting underground bands on here alongside the bigger, most established acts that keep the traffic train rolling, so today, it's my privilege to introduce you to Gilded Lily. This Barrie, Ontario trio first surfaced last year with the L'Acéphale demo, and their new full-length, Mongrel's Light, is a massive leap forward from what was already a very respectable starting point. Gilded Lily burrows in deep and comes correct with their clever, genre agnostic take on extreme metal; as vocalist and noise manipulator Andrew Helinski explained, "It's short, fast, it can be pretty in moments but gets aggressive quickly. We ended up pulling from all across the heavy spectrum—blending black metal, death metal, grind and post-hardcore as seamlessly as possible."

As our stream of Mongrel's Light below handily illustrates, they nailed it. In addition, the lyrics are poetic and deeply personal, sometimes uncomfortably so; big themes of shame, religion, decay, and reoccurring appearances by dogs, both physical and metaphorical. It's more in line with Bosse-de-Nage's savage surrealism than anything you'd find lurking in a typical extreme metal lyric booklet, and adds an interesting dimension to an already outré release.

Mongrel’s Light is out digitally on August 8, and will be available as a limited edition tape this September. Listen below, and keep an eye on these guys.