Sacha Baron Cohen Got MAGA Trolls to Gangbang a Trump Dummy on TV

All in the name of fighting Antifa.
August 27, 2018, 1:08pm

The seventh episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America? aired on Sunday, and if it really is the "last EVER show" like Cohen says, it was a fitting way to end. Tucked in between a filler clip with ex-Democratic congressman Barney Frank and an OJ Simpson interview that aimed for bombshell but only fizzled, Cohen's anti-terror expert (and series MVP) Erran Morad pulled off what might be the funniest segment of the series: training right-wing internet trolls how to act like liberals.

Cohen-as-Morad starts off the segment by holding a competition between three MAGA trolls to see which one of them is good enough to accompany him on an undercover mission to defeat Antifa. First, he grills them on some important facts that any liberal would know—namely, how long quinoa cooks for, the ideal tire pressure of a Nissan Leaf, and details about the show Girls. Then he teaches them how to act like a left-wingers, starting by having them compliment each other.

"Hi, Cody, my name is Glenn," a troll named Glenn begins. "I love the way your shirt fits you."

"Thank you," Cody says. "I love the way you smell."

"Your clothes fit you nice," Glenn continues.

Not to be outdone, Cody keeps going, complimenting Glenn's legs and saying he has "the best chest and shoulders I've ever seen" while the pair stares deep into each other's eyes. But that's not enough for Morad.

"In order to convince them that you are a radical liberal, you will have to be able to show disrespect to the man we all admire most," Morad says, pulling out a Trump dummy. The three men berate the dummy for a while until Cody says that he'd "bend [Trump] over and fuck him," so Morad gives him one of the dildos he has handy and lets him act it out.

This being Who Is America?, the whole thing dissolves into some kind of surreal gangbang where Glenn and Cody hump the Trump doll, grunting and slapping it with dildos, while Morad watches approvingly from the sidelines.

"Hows that feel, Mr. Trump?" Glenn asks, seemingly lost in the roleplay. "Where are those taxes anyway?"

It is a truly bizarre and hilarious segment, somehow topped by the next clip, where Morad and Glenn go to the Women's March in San Francisco in order to disrupt an Antifa plot to turn babies trans with special diapers, complete with the pair in disguise and sharing some tender moments and Glenn inadvertently reenacting the Milgram experiment by pressing a button he believed was blowing up an innocent liberal woman and... good lord, it was incredible.

There we have it, everybody. That was the first and final season of Who Is America? in all its flawed glory. We may have never gotten to see that now-infamous Sarah Palin clip, after all—but at least Cohen gave her a little shout-out in the end credits for all that free PR.

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