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An Astrologer Debunks the Biggest Compatibility Myths

VICE astrologer Annabel Gat breaks down what you really need to know before instituting a "no Geminis" policy.

by VICE Staff
May 22 2019, 3:34pm

Illustration by Leila Ettachfini / Stocksy

Making extreme judgement calls about a person by a single characteristic or personality trait is pretty much never a good idea, and judging a potential friend, partner, or hookup based on their sun sign is no exception! Still, looking at another person's sign—or better yet, their entire natal chart—can give insight into how you can challenge or empower one another. We sat down with VICE astrologer Annabel Gat to learn more about astrological compatibility and debunk a few myths. Her book, The Astrology of Love & Sex, comes out July 2019.

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VICE: Should you trust a certain sign more for a casual relationship, long term committed relationship, etc?
Gat: No! There is no way to know until you get to know a person. A sun sign cannot tell you someone’s maturity level. Stereotypes about Geminis often say they’re fickle and two-faced; however, it’s just as true that once they find someone they love, they’re very loyal. They’re the sign of the twins, once you’re in, you’re bonded like family. Each sign has stereotypes, and some are seen as fickle, others as clingy, but zodiac signs are just that—signs and symbols. People are people.

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Is it possible that two people of the same sun sign could work well together as friends or lovers? What if we have all the same hang-ups?
Absolutely. Each person’s birth chart is different; the sun is just one part of the whole. Sun signs are an awesome and helpful way to learn about someone’s possible strengths and weaknesses, but again, you have to get to know someone to really know what works and what doesn't for your relationship.

Are there some signs you just shouldn’t be close with, depending on what your sign is?
No, please get to know anyone you’re attracted to!

Is that just one of those things you say to be diplomatic or ease my fears? Like, “sharks don’t actually want to eat people.”
Haha, no, I really stand by that! Also, look at it this way: Don’t you want some spark in your relationship? Most of us love “the chase,” but if we are too compatible with someone, we won’t get that. Then it’s just boring! We need complexity in our relationships and to be challenged, and you need to get to know the person, and not rely on the sun sign (again, because its just a small piece of the chart) to see if they’re someone who excites you.

Is it true that opposite signs make the best matches?
No; however, opposite signs do inspire and challenge each other, so these are often exciting pairings.

What does another person’s moon sign or rising sign have to do with compatibility?
The moon sign shows how this person likes to get cozy and what makes them feel safe. The rising sign speaks to their style and first impressions. If you want to compliment someone, give them a compliment based on their rising sign, if you want to make someone feel safe, set up a cozy night in based on their moon sign.

If you had to choose, which signs do you think could make for the most fiery, passionate couple?
I’m constantly surprised by the stories and sign pairings I hear. I’ve studied astrology long enough to be open-minded!

Are there any myths about astrological compatibility that are just blatantly untrue and annoy the hell out of you?
That people should only date signs that share their element (fire signs with fire sign, earth with earth, etc), it’s so untrue!

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