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Vince Staples Won't Retire or "Shut the Fuck Up Forever"

Vince has decided to shut down the retirement GoFundMe he started, and give the funds to the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in Long Beach.

by Shaad D’Souza
Mar 15 2018, 1:44pm

agwilson / Shutterstock

Earlier today on Twitter, sweet and generous man Vince Staples announced that he's going to shut down the GoFundMe he started earlier this week which asked for $2 million so he could "shut the fuck up forever." Instead of using the two thousand dollars he raised to move to Palmdale, buy a Honda, get a puppy and donate a year's worth of soup to the homies locked down (as originally planned) he's going to refund everyone who donated and contribute the same amount of money to the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in Long Beach. He also said that he "expects no further slander."

While this GoFundMe was, in essence, an ad for a new song titled "Get The Fuck Off My Dick," you have to admit that this is a very kind and sweet move from Vince. He could have kept that two thousand and twenty two dollars! Instead, he's helping buy books or computers or something for a public library in Long Beach! He's like that boy in high school who was mean in gym class but was actually just trying to hide the fact that he was a kind, sweet caring boy who loved volunteering and baking and stuff. While he may ask us to #gtfomd (get the fuck off his dick), deep down sweet Vince cares. He really cares.

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