Ornamental Headpiece's New Album 'BREACHEDBIRTH' Is Short, Nasty, and Brutish

A Pregnant Light's Damian Master joins forces with Ciizen's Jake Duhame to unleash a new kind of black metal hell.
August 23, 2016, 8:21pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

Colloquial Sound Recordings helmsman Damian Master plays by his own rules, whether that means cultivating a label discography that's almost exclusively made up of his own bands, or ignoring the current media model of streaming albums piecemeal by working under the cover of night and blitzing unsuspecting listeners with surprise releases, black metal Beyonce-style. For CSR's latest audio transgression, though, Master decided to break with tradition and enlist Noisey to premiere the new album from Ornamental Headpiece.

Ornamental Headpiece is a duo project featuring Master (of course) on guitar and Jake Duhaime (Citizen, Freedom, etc.) on drums. As per usual, the music vigorously toes the black metal/punk line that Master delights in traipsing on and over with his projects, but this particular album is much more traditional than one may expect. Titled BREACHEDBIRTH, it's a filthy, feral dose of lo-fi black metalpunk, prickly and mean; the lyrics to songs like "Gun Wrapped in a Party Dress" and "Shattered Cheekbone" are short, nasty, and brutish, fucked up poetry for dark bar corners and darker alleys. Master describes the album as "the musical equivalent of swallowing fiberglass," and he ain't wrong.

Aksumite fans will find much to devour here, but Ornamental Headpiece is a bit more elegant, a little classier (in a perverse, Master & Margarita kind of way). The twelve-inch will be available on opaque red vinyl and on the CSR Bandcamp, and the LP also contains the project's long sold-out first demo, Masks of Ash.

Suck it in below.