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Enter a Virtual World of Glitches and Iridescence to Explore Rioux's Newest EP

Rioux's interactive environment for EP 'Evolver' is kind of like a virtual reality version of "Kubla Khan."

by Emerson Rosenthal
May 19 2015, 4:05pm

Images courtesy the artists

You're one "Right click to open" away from an unreal world of iridescent colors, motion trails, and experimental electronic music. For Brooklyn-based producer Rioux's new Evolver EP (Connect Records), the recording artist teamed up with Vinyl Williams to create an interactive virtual environment known as Evolver. Amidst an endless landscape of palm trees and verandas, terraces and temples, you can explore Rioux's music in a 3D world that both echoes the mystery of the virtual "Construct" workspaces in The Matrix and majesty of Coleridge's "Kubla Khan." 

"The celestial emporium generated for Rioux is a feedback environment, where one can move about the virtual space as a disembodied entity, flying in any direction," Williams explains, "and watch the breadth of any movements span out into infinity." It's not the first time Rioux has ventured into virtual environments (Read: Rioux's New EP "System Preferences" Comes With an Interactive Virtual Environment), and that's not something we're mad about. For an artist like Rioux, whose dynamic sounds envelop the listener, they're like entering an artist's mental space and allowing yourself to get lost. 

Now, you can do that on Mac and PC

Order a copy of Rioux's Evolver EP on Bandcamp, and visit the artist's website to learn more.  


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