The Miniature Beehive Nightclub Is for City Bees Only

I'm gonna have to see some IB.

by Masha (Maria) Koblyakova
Oct 6 2016, 1:35pm

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A full multi-story urban architectural piece—a bee hive, structured like a nightclub—is keeping bees buzzing freely, thanks to the efforts of Edgy & Cheesy. In order to attract bees back to cities, the latest project from the Munich creative duo is design at its most purposeful. “Urban bees need urban homes and a place to unwind after a hard working day,” Edgy & Cheesy say. The problem of radical decrease in bee populations and even decimation of certain species of bees is commonly discussed in various environmentally-minded projects. High-tech solutions have been proposed, but Edgy & Cheesy's solution is particularly appealing to aesthetics. Their urban project appeals to both the very basic need for socializing and the uhn-tiss that bees need.


Thus the Met Bar is a six-floor alternate space in the city where bees go wild. Designed to fit their tastes, it features graffiti tags on the outer walls and a dusty, deterred, dull yellow sign—all are the characteristics of an underground bee oasis. From the video below, it seems like it's helping bees find their place in the city—and not follow you for a few days instead.


So will we soon see an uptick in the urban bee population, with bee brunch cafes, spas, and thrift shops? Watch the the Met Bar video below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments:

Metbar – urban beehive project from Edgy & Cheesy on Vimeo.

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