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Eaves Soundtracks Interstellar Excavations on a Volatile New Track

"Dragliner" is off the Brooklyn producer's forthcoming debut album, 'Verloren.'

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 28 2016, 9:10pm

Album art courtesy of the label

Brooklyn producer Eaves has shared an unstable new track, "Dragliner," off his forthcoming debut album Verloren on NYC imprint PTP. Emphasizing a distorted, fragmented approach to arrangement, the work sounds like an exposed bundle of nerves, or a gestation process held in writhing arrest. Either way, its snaking tremors seem to express a kind of elemental discontent.

The producer gave THUMP some backstory for the track via email. "'Dragliner' is all about metamorphosis to me," he said. "A dragliner is a massive machine used in construction projects for excavation and mining. In terms of the track, the sounds are very terrestrial—they feel rocky, almost like a reference to digging up ground, but not necessarily that of Earth. I like to think of it as a soundtrack for excavating the ground on Mars or the moon, breaking up the rock to construct multi-planetary human outposts."

London-born, Berlin-based producer Flora Yin-Wong aka || FLORA recently released a mixtape on PTP using sound to explore her unconscious familial history.

Until this Friday, PTP will donate all proceeds from the sales of physical releases on its Bandcamp directly to the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council.

Verloren will be released on digital formats that same day, December 2. It will be available on vinyl in January, exact date to be determined.

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