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The Avener Puts a New Spin on Iconic Vinyl Records

He may not have branched into North America yet, but we think he needs to, and soon.

by Kathryn Kyte
Feb 4 2015, 1:10am

France's latest export, The Avener, has built off an art rock-meets-deep house symphonic in his debut EP. There may only be four tracks, but before you question anything, his rework of Phoebe Killdeer's "Fade Out Lines", has already garnered over 10 million YouTube views, 12 million listens on Spotify, peaked at #1 on iTunes in 11 countries, and reached the iTunes' Top 10 in ten countries. It was a lucky score for the young artist, but one that did the trick.

"I discovered the original track by Phoebe Killdeer & The Straws on YouTube pretty much by chance. I completely loved the track and wanted to see if I could do something to play it on the dance floor," says Tristan. "It took less than a day and I tried it out the following night at a party and more than 20 people took their phones out to Shazam it. That's a major sign today that can tell you how special a track is, I think at least."

Recorded in his hometown on the French Riviera, the EP swings with cinematic escapism, and includes freshly stirred renditions of Sixto Rodriguez and Ane Brun workings. It also features a loopy, perhaps Pink Floyd-inspired original, titled "Panama". 

The EP is a preview of his full-length album, The Wanderings of the Avener, which unfortunately is not being released in North America. However, the spoonful of songs we are offered do have a nice rinse to them, and hold relevance to decades past. Case in point is his rework of "Hate Street Dialogue" by Sixto Rodriguez?the same man that was the subject of the 2012 award-winning documentary, Searching for Sugar Man.

"'Hate Street Dialogue' is a track off a forgotten 1970 album by Sixto Rodriguez. Rodriguez only did two albums in the early '70s and then stopped music altogether. I've loved this track for a long time and wanted to rework it and when Rodriguez heard it, he was surprised and pleased so that made me very proud."

While he may be too young to have really invested in vinyl, The Avener notes his formative, teenage years involved playing vinyl, and listening to "a lot" of classical music. He also admits that he still tickles the piano keys "almost everyday as a way to relax and reconnect with myself." 

"When I was a very young kid, like six years old, my parents put me through classical music school. Around 15 I wanted to discover other music and was drawn into dance and electronic music. I got turntables and a mixer for my birthday and played for hours in front of my wall, then started playing local bars and clubs while teaching myself to produce. I've been doing that for the past ten years."

The Avener's love for deep house was in full effect during the mid-nineties, but his decision to revert back to this style was only made in recent years, when he thought electronic music was "going in such a hard direction."

Although he has yet to venture to North America, his success in Europe continues to populate. If this is your first glimpse at The Avener, perhaps it's time to start wandering into his world. It's only a matter of time until his sensual remedies spread here.

The Avener EP is available now. Buy it on iTunes

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