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Céline Dion's Style Renaissance Is the Best Thing About 2017, Honestly

Please join me in feeling very inspired.

by Lauren O'Neill
Aug 4 2017, 2:30pm

Imagen vía Celine Dion en Instagram

In 2017, stuff is kinda shitty. World leaders seem hellbent on regressing, and I read the other day that humanity has already consumed more natural resources than the planet can renew this year. Even the small joys, like Love Island, feel like distant memories.

I find myself thinking a lot about the tweet that Pope Francis did once, where he wrote "The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth." I think about this tweet not only because it is in both the top five funniest things ever tweeted, and the top one best things a Pope has ever said, but because it is actually just kinda true. And when that's the world you're living in, you have to clasp the tiny rays of light to your chest, and never let them go. Which brings me to the Céline Dion Style Renaissance of 2017, which I kind of can't believe we haven't talked about yet.

Over the last few months, Céline has been engaging in the practice of "serving looks" literally everywhere she goes. And, considering her status as the Wine Mom of Music, this would be sweet and surprising enough. But, with the added knowledge of everything that Céline has been through over the last couple of years (her husband died of cancer last January, and this was also followed two days later by the death of her brother), her embrace of fashion and the new lease of life she's apparently found in it, are extremely pure and inspirational, and those are exactly the sort of qualities I would like more of in my life.

Where were you, for example, when your girl stepped out in H2T snake print with matching bag, stunting on the steps of what looks very much looks like a private jet? I'm not joking, I literally remember where I was (I was on the 453 bus in Elephant and Castle looking at Twitter on my phone and was overtaken by a full-body longing for a pair of knee-high boots). I take important moments in cultural history seriously.

It does seem, however, despite the current social media blow-up surrounding her lewks, that Céline has been quietly murdering the game for a while. This, is my personal fave of her #moments, cleared up my skin immediately back in February. Wild that all brands needed to do to fully sell me on knee-highs was to literally put a 49-year-old in them with a matching jacket (see also: the previous image). #HauteCouture indeed, mom.

Like all rising fashionistas, she was also recently featured in a video with Vogue magazine, making enormous and outrageous floral headpieces look like extremely desirable items. Céline Dion wearing a two-foot tall hat just inspired me to open a bunch of emails I'd been putting off.

Where 2 cop this entire thing? PRs, get at me, I wanna reinvent like Céline. Céline taught me.

Obviously if you're an internet user you're probably well aware that there are far many Céline Dion looks that I could have listed here. This is just a small selection from a much bigger rainbow of looks. Céline is one of those acts who's been around for so long it feels as though you could just open a hotel door in Vegas at any time and you'd find her forever hitting a high note with her head tilted back. Being as firmly pre-internet as she is, watching her unfurl into pursuing style this extravagant, with a knowing wink to the forthcoming memes—all while making music that's sounded essentially the same for 30 years—is a delight. What I want you to take away from this post is that if Céline can come back and look ridiculous doing it, then so can you. Find your knee-high boot, and shine on.

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