Renata Won 'Big Little Lies' This Season, and These Memes Are Proof

"Maybe you should have shown a woman a little respect!"

by Anna Iovine
Jul 22 2019, 2:38pm


Big Little Lies Season 2 ended last night with a lackluster finale for a lackluster season. Regardless of the notion that this season was superfluous, millions of people watched and judged anyway. While Mary Louise, Meryl Streep's character, is an easy pick for the "winner" of the season, the internet has rallied around Laura Dern's Renata Klein instead.

In the first season, Renata lives a cushy life. Her sole worry revolves around her daughter Amabella and how she's being bullied by an unknown assailant. While that mystery is solved, Renata's problems mount in the second season. Not only is she covering up a murder while her daughter is suffering the psychological effects of bullying, but also—even more devastating to Renata—her husband Gordon loses all their money.

Enter Renata's first amazing quote of the season: "I will not not be rich." It's so iconic that it's now a capitalist battle cry.

For the remainder of the second season Renata is left to cope with Amabella's trauma as well as clean up her husband's mess. This culminates in two epic scenes during the finale. The first is Renata yelling at Mary Louise in a Starbucks. Who else can call Meryl Streep a "judgy judger"? No one.

The second is arguably the best scene of the finale, if not the whole season. In her husband's train room (a room just for Gordon's train set that costs more than other people's homes, of course), Renata grabs a bat and destroys said precious trains once she finds out he is sleeping with their nanny. She keeps going despite his wails of anguish. "We don't own any of this!" Gordon screams. Renata doesn't care, and the internet rejoiced.

Then, Renata hits Gordon in the chest. "Maybe you should have shown a woman a little respect," she says. "I'm done." Fans on Twitter hailed Renata and her Beyoncé-like move, declaring her a feminist queen.

"Renata Klein is THAT bitch," said Twitter user @RedBedroomRcrds.

Yes, she is. And Renata Klein won this season of Big Little Lies with her red jumpsuit and baseball bat.

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