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Watch Cardi B Co-Host ‘The Tonight Show'

Cardi once again proved she's a much better fit for hosting duties than Fallon. Sorry, Jimmy.

by Shaad D’Souza
Apr 10 2018, 1:34pm

Cardi B is co-hosting The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight, and she’s really making the most of it. In the opening monologue, Cardi looked straight up ecstatic to be there, going joke-for-joke with Fallon, riffing on her pregnancy and her last Tonight Show appearance, as well as cracking a few jokes at Trump's expense in a segment called What is Up With That Coat? The segment relied a little too much on fat-shaming to be genuinely great, but was easily made up for with a second segment where a reporter asks moms to complete Cardi lyrics. Watch the full monologue below:

Cardi and Jimmy also participated in a game of Box of Lies? where the two have to lie about the contents of various boxes to each other. Cardi… only kinda understood the game, I think? But then again I didn’t really understand the game either. Cardi’s not an amazing liar, but proves herself as a master of manipulation when she asks Jimmy “You wouldn’t lie to a pregnant woman, would you?” That, right there, is genius, my friends. Watch the segment:

During the show Cardi also spoke about her catchphrases and interviewed John Mulaney. In all, Cardi's hosting stint really solidifies the fact that she is an incredible late-night host and Jimmy Fallon is, well, adequate. I'd love to see a season of The Tonight Show hosted by Cardi or, even better, an All The Money In The World-style Tonight Show re-shoot where all existing footage of Fallon hosting the show is replaced by footage of Cardi hosting the show. Just something to consider, Tonight Show producers.

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