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Even Getting Incredibly Stoned Won't Make a Gemini Shut Up

Weed exacerbates Gemini's talkative, energetic personality—which can be a good or bad thing.

by Sophie Saint Thomas
Apr 16 2018, 4:46pm

We consulted astrologers on how each sign can get as high as the stars. Read about the other signs here.

Geminis are the twins of the Zodiac, so they’re always looking for their match, or their one true bud. They may smoke well with a partner in crime. Gemini people get a bad rap, but it’s mostly because they know how to get what they want out of life (think Kanye West), and that strength can intimidate others. Their talkative, energetic personalities will come out after a few hits of weed. "You’ll get your ear talked off by these chatty air signs," astrologer Caitlin McGarry says.

Geminis do well with a high-quality bud or vape pens. They don’t have time for any new cannabis products on the market that might seem too absurd. They should choose strains that help them focus and stay alert. "Geminis are very cerebral, they do eight things at once," astrologer Lisa Stardust, who is a Gemini herself, says. "Geminis overextend themselves and work too hard to the point of exhaustion," she adds. Anything too heady will leave them in a couch lock, which is not where a Gemini likes to be. However, anything too speedy might also cause them to combust. As they do things in pairs, horoscope writer Randon Rosenbohm adds that they are the sign most likely to take two hits before passing along the joint, living by the puff, puff, pass rule.

Stoner Superlative: Most likely to get high and decide they should put on more glitter

Best Strain: White Widow (creative hybrid)

Worst Strain: Death Bubba (sedative indica)

Best Way to Get High: High-quality vape cartridges

Best High Activity: Make music

Recommended Product: Huxton Hifi Cartridge