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This Chilling Video from my.head Will Trap You Inside The Twilight Zone

my.head: "We wanted to create images referring to paranoiac inner thoughts."

by David Garber
Jan 29 2016, 2:55pm

Kastle's sets span everything from R&B to tech-house, so, fittingly, the artists he recruits to his label follow suit. One of the best gems on his Symbols roster is French producer my.head, who reps the label's eclecticism diligently with a focus on everything from cinematic soundscapes to future-trap sounds. His new video for "Torture," from last year's En Noir EP, packs a bit of both.

"The 'Torture' video is about someone being trapped in his own twilight zone," says my.head via email. "We wanted to create images referring to paranoiac inner thoughts as the main character is traveling between two dimensions." Citing classic sci-fi epics like 2001, the artist's video examines a tortured man struggling to overcome some serious demons, or possibly just some really fucked up clams. Altogether, it's a visually unsettling backdrop to a song that's that's both hypnotic and chilling, yet also kind of soothing.

As a special bonus, Symbols was cool enough to hook us up with an exclusive stream of my.head's glitchy remix to an unreleased Kastle track called "Dreamers." Say thanks, and listen below.

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