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Wait, How Is Beth Ditto's First Solo Album Only Due Out in 2017?

"Fire," the first single from upcoming 'Fake Sugar' has her back on throaty, bluesy form.

by Lauren O'Neill
Apr 4 2017, 3:15pm

It feels as though since The Gossip's ubiquitous "Standing in the Way of Control" single was released back in 2006 ("feel old yet?"), Beth Ditto has been widely acknowledged as both a vocalist and activist. But despite her many years in the public eye, both as part of The Gossip and as a spokesperson for and designer of plus-size fashion, Ditto has never released a solo album—her last solo outings were a 2011 EP, and a David Bowie cover for charity in 2015.

That is about to change this year, as she gears up to release Fake Sugar, her first solo LP, on June 16. Along with that announcement, she's shared the first track from the record, "Fire." It's Ditto at her bluesy, garage-y best, and there's a sense of control that has been missing from her previous vocal efforts; she pulls back to reveal a more gravelly side (but don't worry, her Southern wail hasn't gone anywhere, as evidenced by the chorus). Ditto told BBC Radio 1 that the album has been inspired by "adulthood" and her marriage to her longterm girlfriend, and discussed her close collaboration with her writing partner Jen Decelvio.

Listen to "Fire" above, then have a listen to Ditto's interview with Mistajam on Radio 1, below:

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