Please Enjoy This Clip of a Hedgehog Unlocking an iPhone

The cutest form of security.

Nov 21 2016, 4:28pm

Image: RM Videos

Watching this hedgehog unlock an iPhone will make your heart melt.

In this video by YouTube channel RM Videos (and brought to our attention by Popular Mechanics), a hedgehog owner figured out that you can use one of virtual slots on the fingerprint-reading TouchID sensor on the iPhone to store a miniature paw print instead of a human fingerpad. It's funny watching the owner imprint the hedgehog's paw several times, as the phone takes it in, recognizing the hedgehog "finger's" particularities on screen.

But given the similarity in size between a hedgehog's paw and a human finger, the trick worked. It may also add an additional level of security to the hedgehog owner's phone. But more so, it just makes unlocking the phone an exponentially cuter and more exciting task than it would have been otherwise. This is one form of biometric hacking we totally support.

Maybe this could be done with pet hamsters, rabbits, and mice, too! Small dogs and cats, however, might be pushing it. If anyone wants to try with their animals, please send us video proof—tweet us @Motherboard.

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