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Rave Safe

Photos by Caroline Mackintosh and styling by Anees Petersen

by Caroline Mackintosh
Mar 3 2014, 12:00pm

CWB jacket and shorts, Nike sneakers, vintage hat



Model: Geoff from John Wizards

Clothing designed by Anees Petersen

CWB jacket, vintage sunglasses; Vintage top, Y&L shorts and pants, Nike sneakers and bag, CWB hat

Vintage t-shirt and running tights, Nike sneakers, Columbia hat, Huf bag; Vintage hat, 2bop t-shirt, CWB shirt

Y&L t-shirt, jersey and pants, vintage sneakers, 2bop hat

2bop t-shirt, CWB shirt, vintage shorts and hat; Y&L t-shirt, jersey and pants, 2bop hat

Columbia jacket, Black In Black goggles; Columbia Jacket, CWB shorts, Nike sneakers, Black In Black goggles

Vintage top, CWB hat; 2bop t-shirt, CWB shirt, vintage shorts and hat

American Apparel tank, Y&L t-shirt and jersey, 2bop hat; CWB shorts, Y&L pants, Island Style bag

CWB shorts, Y&L pants, Nike sneakers, Island Style bag