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Another Naked Devil Statue Appeared in Vancouver

But this time it's a pregnant she-devil.

by Sierra Bein
Aug 14 2015, 6:12pm

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Another naked devil statue mysteriously appeared yesterday in Vancouver, on top of Gene Cafe in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood (near Dude Chilling Park).

This comes about a year after a giant, red, and equally naked devil with a giant erect penis appeared in Vancouver's east end. The horny Prince of Darkness wasn't there long before city crews removed it from above a small plaza pedestal where it stood. Today, a cool penguin statue stands in its place.

The new devil statue, unlike its predecessor, is white, female, and pregnant. Like its predecessor, it has cloven feet, is throwing up the sign of the horns, and is badass.

Last year occasional VICE contributor Darryl Greer started an online petition to bring back the original red-dicked-devil. The petition—which also criticized a statue of a poodle that cost the city $100,000 to install—currently has 2,500 signatures and is addressed to the mayor of the city.

"The Giant Satan-with-an-Erection statue, unlike the porcelain dog, cost the city nothing and was far more visible and likely to stir public debate than the barely visable (sic) cartoonish canine on a pole," reads the petition.

VICE spoke to Greer last year, when he described the city's art scene as, "Too expensive and fucking lame." (Greer isn't responsible for either statue, though at the time, he said he wished to be able to shake the artist's hand and buy him/her a beer.)

The new pregnant-devil statue was taken down very quickly. Less than an hour after alt-weekly Georgia Straight contributor Michael Mann had posted a photo of it on Twitter, the figure was already gone.

The city has not yet said if it was their crews who removed the statue.

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The latest Satan statue has been erected. Photo via Instagram user Instagraemeberglund.