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Savile's New Mix Is A Tapestry of Sonic Discovery

The Chicago producer has included two new songs off his forthcoming record, 'Share Power.'

by Meilyn Huq
Nov 4 2016, 7:04pm

In the midst of running the Chicago-based label Argot, DJ and producer Gianpaolo Dieli, who operates under the moniker Savile, has found the time to share a brand new mix. Entitled "Fail Forward," it's the artist's first solo studio mix in almost two years, and comes in anticipation of his forthcoming release on his label, Share Power. Dieli admits on his Tumblr page that he's "incredibly neurotic when it comes to making mixes" and "always agonizes over every detail"—this probably explains why the mix drop fills such a lengthy gap in that sector of his musical output. Luckily, Savile's painstaking attention to detail certainly shows on the mix; with a refreshing disregard for genre uniformity, he's woven a timeline of musical discoveries from different eras of his musical life, ranging from his formative teenage years to his days as an experienced DJ and producer. Transitioning from simple piano-centered pop to ambient jazz and later to dance hits, "Fail Forward" is an invitation to blissful contemplation.

"I've aspired to an open format approach to DJing for some time but have struggled to capture it in a cohesive [short] recording," Savile says over email to THUMP. "For me, the stumbling block was embracing looseness, a comfort with making mistakes that often makes recording studio mixes so frustrating."

"Fail Forward" is an extension of the same mindset that my new record, Share Power, refers to: A willingness to take risks with and for your friends," he continues. "My favorite moments as a dancer are often when a mix is almost coming off the rails and the DJ pulls things together out of sheer instinct. I hope to chase that same space myself." Check out the mix below.


Nils Frahm - My Things
Return To Forever - Song to the Pharaoh Kings
Gabriel Garzón-Montano - 68
Ramsey Lewis - Dreams
Jordan Blacksmith - Naja
D.S. - 'Chanel' House
Ray Mang - Praia Do Londres
Savile - 3 Hours In The Meat Sink
Wally Jump Junior - Private Party (Razormaid Remix)
Conor - Speed Of Sound
Disco Dream & The Androids - Dream Machine
Abuser - 01 B1 Untitled
Nutek Labs - Konundrum (Ciphered Mix)
Redshape - Goom
Shifty Science - Get Back (Savile & Steve Mizek edit)
Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Mr. G's Last Chance Dub)
Futurhythm - Mechanikk Gods
Savile - Effort Won't Betray You
DJ Jaymz & Jahkey B - Realm I
Moraes ft. Sally Cortez - Welcome To The Factory (Instrumental)
Drivetrain - Soundtrack