Tadd Mullinix and Daniel Meteo Are Releasing an Album Inspired by Digital Dancehall Riddims

The digital dancehall style even has a David Bowie link.

Jan 26 2016, 2:54pm

MM Studio'salbum cover

Good Star Dubs

The one constant with genre-hopping producer Tadd Mullinix is his commitment to historical continuity. So whether he's releasing blunted hip-hop beats as Dabrye, searing acid tracks as James T. Cotton, or ragga jungle as half of Soundmurder and SK-1 (with Todd Osborn), you can be confident that whatever Mullinix is paying homage to will be treated with the utmost respect and reverence. So it is the case with the upcoming release by MM Studio, a collaboration between Mullinix and Daniel Meteo.

The project is inspired by the digital dub rhythms that came out of Jamaica in the mid-80s, most notably, King Jammy and Wayne Smith's infamous "Sleng Teng" riddim, which was created using the "rock" preset on Casio's MT-40 keyboard. The preset itself consists of a canned beat and bass line, and a recent article suggests that it may have been inspired by David Bowie's glam rock classic, "Hang Onto Yourself." But regardless of how far you want to pull on that historical thread, what's clear from the previous-released "Digidubx" is that MM Studio has the ability to captures the spirit of digital riddims from the past.

The album, entitled Good Star Dubs, will be released on Mateo's other imprint, the cheekily named Albumlabel, in March, and contains four new riddims (plus "Digidubx" and the album-titled cut which first showed up on 2010's Modeselektion Vol. 01 compilation), as well as two alternate mixes, staying true to the ethos that one good riddim can be used 100 times over.