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This Hilarious Video Shows How Hard It Is to Explain What Happens at Burning Man

The question "How Was Burning Man" is one with more layers than you can possible imagine.

by David Garber
Sep 7 2016, 6:55pm

"How Was Burning Man"? It seems like a relatively simple question to ask someone who just returned from the playa's dusty abyss, but for those who were there, it's a inquisitive statement with more layers than a record setting slice of lasagna. In a recent video from YouTube sketch comedian Kevin Oeser, the question is the theme of 4 minutes of pure hilarity.

The video features a couple, one of which has just returned from the Burn and surprises his partner in their living room. After she asks him the fated question outlined above, he embarks into a sporadic tirade on just how hard it is to explain what he experienced in the desert—because everything in the desert is so different than real life, and he's not the same person he once was. Jason, the male Burner, goes into bizarre and laughable detail of his new playa name, the life changing pills he consumed, the event's DJs, and even takes jabs at the everything from the prevelance of the rich to Coachella—a so-called "corporate suckoff." Check it out above.

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