Watch the 'Kegel Kustodian' Robot Clean and Oil Bowling Lanes

The hardworking robot behind your strike.

Aug 3 2016, 4:42pm

You know how bowling lanes are always so spick and span? Bowling bot Kegel Kustodian is often what keeps them so shiny and speckless. The rectangular little robot on wheels cleans and oils the lanes, going over them once forward, once backwards, until moving on to the next lane.

Kegel is one of the most well-known brands in the world of bowling robots. It features a lane conditioning system, a sprayless cleaning system, and a 90 second record for cleaning each lane. It also turns out that for professional bowlers, there are eight different ways to distribute oil upon the lanes, each influencing how the ball might roll toward the pins.

Originally, oil was used to protect the surface of the bowling lanes. But it also became apparent that without oil, the ball would not roll as smoothly upon the wood, and the game would not be nearly as enjoyable, or even playable. Which is why bowling bots like Kegel are programmed with all the different ways to oil the lanes. Usually, the middle of a bowling lane is meant to be more oily than the edges. "This allows more 'hook' from the outside part of the lane to the pocket," according to

So next time you go bowling, try to pay attention to how smoothly the ball rolls at different parts of the lane. It may just surprise you how much nuance there is to it, all thanks to Kegel Kustodian's hard work cleaning and oiling.