Keith Olbermann Calls Charles Barkley an Idiot Dinosaur

Don't speak ill of analytics because Keith Olbermann will go all the way in on you. Charley Barkley is just the latest victim.

by Sean Newell
Feb 12 2015, 10:07pm

There is going in and then there is going in. Following Charles Barkley's backhanded dismissal of the basketball analytics crowd as a bunch of nerds who never got any girls in high school, Keith Olbermann decided that it was time to go all the way the fuck in. Seriously. In the above clip, Olbermann starts by establishing Barkley's on-court bonafides before dousing Barkley's own strawman in gasoline, setting it ablaze, and chucking it back at Chuck like a molotov cocktail of statistical truth. The horror, the horror...