Building VT Pro Design's Hybrid Living Wall

The studio shows the potential for technology and nature to work together.

by The Creators Project
May 26 2016, 5:00pm

Gearing up for our month-long Future Forward event series presented by the all-new Prius, The Creators Project team goes behind the scenes with the commissioned artists as they craft their interactive installations.

Nature and technology often seem like two forces at odds with one another. Design studio VT Pro is out to disprove this with its new work, Reach, an interactive installation that uses sophisticated digital and mechanical design to create a “living wall” that responds to the actions of viewers who approach it. This organic work, developed for the Future Forward series from The Creators Project and the all-new Prius, takes as its inspiration the idea technology can respond and act upon the Earth’s environment in a mutually beneficial and harmonious way. 

Here the members of VT Pro show off their work in progress. The many moving parts of Reach, from its early coding to the manufacturing of motors and segments of the wall, begin to form a living, responsive whole. The interdependent pieces—that will soon include the viewers themselves who experience the piece at the upcoming Future Forward event series—create an intricate ecosystem, with a high-tech design foundation. Who says nature and technology can’t get along?

The Future Forward event series presented by the all-new Prius will take place in three cities: in New York on June 4th, in Chicago on June 18th, and in LA on June 25. We will be posting full-length behind-the-scenes video profiles leading up to the kickoff event in New York City. RSVP for the Future Forward event series here


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