Auburn Player Partakes in Espionage, Infiltrates Georgia Basketball Huddle

Georgia won 96-84, despite the best efforts of Auburn's counterintelligence operatives.
December 30, 2016, 5:28pm

@coachmarkfox @UGABasketball @espn What the heck is going on here?!
— Michael Edwards (@EdwardsMichaelG) December 30, 2016

These are trying times for democracy, diplomacy, and sovereignty. Just yesterday, an extensive report was released with even more damning evidence that Russia had repeatedly hacked the recent Presidential election. And now even Georgia has proven to be vulnerable to espionage. The University of Georgia.

In last night's game between Georgia and Auburn, an Auburn player somehow made his way into Georgia's huddle during a set of free throws, to obtain enemy information. And instead of being turned away, he was actually welcomed and embraced. It's unclear exactly how much information was leaked, but counterintelligence operations spotted the mole and outed him at the last second. Unfortunately, it may have been too late to change the election stop the spread of confidential information. Doesn't matter, though—Georgia won 96-84.