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Feast Your Eyes on M.I.A.'s New Video for "Finally"

It follows "Goals" as the latest in a flurry of new music and visuals.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jun 16 2017, 2:31pm

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M.I.A. has had a busy couple of weeks, what with hosting this year's Southbank Centre Meltdown Festival in London —due to come to its conclusion this weekend. But that hasn't stopped her from releasing yet another new track and video. Following her low-key video for "Goals," which showed off her gooey and sentimental side, she's showcasing a poppier sound on "Finally," with a radio-friendly beat. She rides it, however, in her signature conversational style—even though it seems as though she's meeting the mainstream in the middle right now, she's doing it all her way.

The video itself is a peaceful, natural affair, picturing M.I.A. in her signature pose (that is, atop a moving vehicle) and amidst some flowers. It reflects the song's happy-where-I-am-right-now vibe, and is an excellent song to occupy yourself with on a sunny Friday like this one. Watch and listen above.

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