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Crime & Punishment in the Gaza Strip

We went to the Gaza Strip in 2011 shortly after Mubarak fell in Egypt, to get a glimpse of what life was like under the rule of Hamas.

by تجربة
Jul 8 2014, 12:21am


We finally got a rare glimpse of the embattled Gaza Strip and a chance to see what life was like under the rule of Hamas. In 2007 we tried and failed to get into Gaza through the Israeli-controlled Erez Crossing. Back then the rival Palestinian factions of Hamas and Fatah were engaged in a bloody war for control of this tiny strip of land. Hamas won. When the post-Mubarak government of Egypt decided to start letting small numbers of folks into Gaza through their Rafah Crossing, we knew we could finally enter the region.

Hosted by Suroosh Alvi | Originally released in 2011 on

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