From Ex-Members of Reversal of Man and Early Grace Comes Horsewhip

Listen to the snotty Florida hardcore band's debut EP.
September 11, 2018, 2:30pm
Photo by Matt Valler

Horsewhip has been billed as a new project from members of CombatWoundedVeteran and Reversal of Man (see the headline), but that may be overselling the connection a bit. While the relation to the grind greats is limited to bassist Jeff Howe, the namedrop is enough to merit a listen among loyal fans of turn-of-the-century hardcore (guilty!). Horsewhip is more technically proficient on their instruments than CWV and ROM ever were, which is not exactly saying much. The band also doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of forcibly annoying listeners, but they’re still capable of rubbing people the wrong way. Their debut EP showcases the Florida band's abrasive style which at times leans into sludgy territory and other times rides a metallic hardcore wave, all driven by vocalist Mike Grantham and his bratty, sore-throated delivery.

Horsewhip's self-titled EP will be released on September 14 via Financial Ruin and you can pre-order copies here. Listen to the whole thing below. Horsewhip also has some upcoming shows, including The Fest.

10/06: American Legion Seminole Heights - Tampa, FL w/ Yashira, Reality Asylum, Sentries
10/26-28: The Fest – Gainesville, FL
11/16: Lou’s – Orlando, FL w/ Thunderclap, Gillian Carter, Flying Limbs, Forms
12/07: WVRM Fest – Jacksonville, FL