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Danzig Loses Lawsuit Over Hot Topic Merch, Is Awarded No Money, and May God Have Mercy on His Soul

This is over now, right? Right??

by Dan Ozzi
Aug 12 2014, 9:55pm

Look. Do you think we like periodically reporting on what the Misfits are doing in court like it’s some punk soap opera? We do not. Do we think you like reading about how the Misfits are tarnishing their own legacy over petty legal bickering? We do not. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna update you on this whole Danzig/Jerry Only legal battle (which hopefully should be over now!) and then we’re all gonna listen to "Last Caress" and just fucking chill, OK? Like, really forget about this whole mess and appreciate the song, cool?

OK, so as you may have noticed over the last several years, the Misfits and the crimson ghost logo have been slapped onto a whole bunch of silly shit that you’d see being sold at places like Hot Topic.

Well, Glenn Danzig’s check must’ve bounced when he was stocking up on kitty litter because he noticed he wasn’t making money off of said silly, tacky shit. So, he sued Jerry Only for making money off of the Misfits name and logo, which he claimed part ownership of.

Then, Only and the “Misfits” responded by saying that Danzig was having a "tantrum" and at this point, many people who bought Misfits stuff started checking the return policy on some of that silly, tacky, gaudy shit.

At that point, oh god who even fucking cares anymore, Only lawyered up and issued a 20-page response to Danzig’s lawsuit, claiming that there were insufficient grounds for a lawsuit. Blah blah blah, here we are.

Now, according to Re-Tox, who just faxed us over the court documents (JK JK, they sent a PDF, it’s 2014, for chrissake), the judge told Danzig what we’ve all been saying about this whole lawsuit from the beginning: Get this shit out of my face.

Danzig receives no money from Only’s earnings and both parties are free to use the Misfits name and logo to buttfuck our childhood memories of the Misfits into the ground with all the tacky crap each wants.

Now as promised, let's erase our memories of the whole thing. Goodbye:

Glenn Danzig
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