PREMIERE: Escape with South of France's "Washed Up"

They're from Denver, not France, but they're pictured here with some animals from the plains of Serengeti! Confused? Just listen.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Feb 4 2016, 3:59pm

So wait, these guys are called South of France and their pictured here in the Serengeti but they're actually from Denver? Very international band of confusion! But let's be real, this pic was taken in some natural history museum somewhere. In any case the duo—made up of Jeff Cormack and Kelly Lueke—make a very sprightly kind of indie-pop, 60s-tinged and feeling fine. Below is the premiere of their latest single "Washed Up" built around the warm strains of a 1975 Kimball organ.

"This was one of those rare songs that just came right out," explains Jeff. "Right after the track was arranged, I visited a little surf town and found myself surrounded by a bunch of older people who are still living the dream of their younger days… some good… some really not so good. That’s kind of where the lyrics and title came from."

The band have also teamed up with label Akomplice (who most recently collaborated with Wale) to create capsule collection inspired by Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited. We want this duffel (see below) to pack all our crap in as we travel to Denver, the Serengeti and the south of France. Will they oblige? Will dino skeletons be inlcuded? Fingers crossed!