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M.C Azizi and Kamandi Find Common Ground in 'Toast'

Some LA and NZ love on this new collaboration.

by Martyn Pepperell
Jun 26 2014, 12:50am

"Toast" sees idiosyncratic Los Angeles M.C Azizi Gibson (of Brainfeeder Records) and Christchurch beat architect Kamandi dive deeper into the smoky psychedelica we heard on their debut single "Crown Violet".

Contrasting his rumbling command of low-end theory with kaleidoscopic leads, huge synth washes and chunky syncopated drums indebted to UK grime/dubstep, Kamandi sets the scene for Azizi to brashly rap/sing his way through a personal meditation on self-belief.

Online friends turned real life bros, Azizi and Kamandi have spent the last week building vibes together in Auckland and besides partying and chowing burgers they've also been recording and performing. Azizi is dropping a new EP Backwards Books in July, and based on their chemistry, it looks like Kamandi will be handling a chunk of production.

After watching them perform an excellent show we sat down with them for a chat.

Noisey: How did you connect?

Kamandi: We're both part of the Red Bull Sound Select platform. One of my connections from there was going over to Los Angeles. He asked me to give him a list of people I knew from the platform and wanted to work with. Azizi was top of the list. I got a message back from him saying I think this going down. Two weeks later it was a done deal.

Azizi Gibson: I knew I could really work with Kamandi when he sent me the second package of beats. First he sent me the 'Crown Violet' beat. I liked it and wrote to it. Then he sent me two more beats. The ratio of beats to recording is really good.

What was it about Kamandi's production that made you lock in?

Azizi: He helps me show my versatility. I think I needed the right beats to really show people what Azizi Gibson can do. "Crown Violet" was the song that really let me connect with the people. Now they know I have a heart, they can let me do my funny rap songs and my weed songs. There is something in there they want more of, so they will listen to my other shit as long as we keep giving them this synergy.

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