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Nunslaughter Will Desecrate, Then Destroy You with "Coffins and Crosses"

(Lacerated) Tongue-in-cheek

by Kim Kelly
Jun 17 2014, 8:57pm

I don't think anybody has more fun flipping the bird to Buddy Christ than Nunslaughter. Whether they're penning mellifluous ditties like "Raid the Convent" (a personal favorite), "I Hate Christians" and "Killed by the Cross," slaying audiences from here to Bogota, or filming music videos like the cinematic perfection that is "God", these dudes are the most delightfully OTT heretics around. Prolific ones, too; their discography is extensive enough to make Agathocles sweat, and rivals that of their Nipponese brothers in sin Abigail. They've got over 25 live releases alone, one of which is the clearly essential 'Live in Clifton, New Jersey' (?!). Throw in seven demos, four full-lengths, and over one hundred assorted EPs, splits, and singles, and you're looking at some of history's most worryingly proactive devil worshippers (check out some previously streamed material). There's nothing to fear, though. Nunslaughter's all about letting the good times roll - so long as you leave the Bible at home.

The Ohio quartet have been howling mockery at the cross since 1987, guided by the gleefully blasphemous vision of Don of the Dead and a rotating cast of characters that now includes perpetually be-sunglassed drummer Jim Sadist (down since 1995), guitarist Zack Massacre, and new bassist The Mangler. After keeping collectors' blood pressure high with scads of compilations and odds'n'sods releases since the release of their last full-length, 2007's 'Hex,' the gruesome foursome have returned with a brand spankin' new studio album. True to form, 'Angelic Dread' shovels more than thirty tracks into a mammoth two-disc exposition of devil metal might. It's out June 24th on 2CD/double LP formats via longtime allies Hells Headbangers, and you're gonna want to get your grimy little paws on it posthaste. We've got an exclusive stream of Disc One highlight "Coffins and Crosses" all hot and ready for you below. Can I get more Satan in the monitors, please?