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Protomartyr Drop "Why Does It Shake?" and Announce Their Third LP

The Detroit post-punk quartet are back and they're more eloquently pissed than ever.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jul 14 2015, 2:04pm

Yessss! This fall Protomartyr are set to return with a new record, The Agent of Intellect, which will be their third in three years. To tease us the Detroit quartet have just dropped new song, "Why Does it Shake?" which you can hear above. "False happiness is on the rise / See the victims pile high," intones Joe Casey, in a doomy sing-speak, over rolling drums. Here's the thing that's brilliant about this song though: its movement. The chorus is barely a chorus, more like a couple of furious punctuations against a backdrop of serrated, distorted guitars, a refrain that's scarcely returned to before they push forward without one final glance over the shoulder. According to Casey, “It's an back-handed ode to humanity's resilient self regard in the face of inevitable oblivion. Then the trap door opens."

Dang. Happy Tuesday! It's good to have Protomartyr back and sounding more eloquently pissed than ever. Oblivion never sounded so awesome.

Download "Why Does it Shake?" for free. The Agent of Intellect, out 10.9 via Hardly Art Records.​

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