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Listen to Anamanaguchi's Remix of Heartsrevolution's "Kill Your Radio"

Prepare yourself to cannonball into the nearest gamer's DMs.
June 19, 2014, 2:45pm

Anamanaguchi are a New York-based troupe of good-natured goofballs who like internet stuff and are, apparently, the last purveyors of real chiptune alive. Imagine if "real chiptune" was a thing in the way that "real hip-hop" was? Like, dudes beating each other up because somebody's song didn't feature an authentic Nintendo sound or some shit. That would be dope, kind of. Anyways, the boys of Anamanaguchi decided to remix Heartsrevolution's "Kill Your Radio," and it makes me want to stuff a million Gameboys into my cargo pants and cannonball into the nearest Kotaku writer's DMs.

Oh also, Heartsrevolution and Anamanaguchi are playing a show together tomorrow in Los Angeles at the El Rey Theatre. Because they love you and want you to be happy, Heartsrevolution is offering two pairs of VIP tickets to the show. If you post this article on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #HeartsLA, you'll be entered to win. (Winner will be announced at 11am PST, which means you need to share the shit out of this article immediately.)



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