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The Singles Club with Mish Way: Babeo Baggins' "Breakbeast"

Like a modern day Spice Girls (but with a clearer feminist vision and DIY roots), Babeo Baggins' Barf Troop is a project we can really get behind.

by Mish Way
Aug 6 2014, 4:20pm

I’ve talked about all-girl rap troupe Barf Troop in the past: a group of young girls who met on Tumblr and started a rap group via the web. Very cool. Very using-the-world-around-them-for-something-good.

This week’s Singles Club brings you head honcho Babeo Baggin’s song “Breakbeast”. The music video was shot in DC, young Babeo’s “favorite placed in this here United States of America,” by Stevenson Opoku.

“Rapping is a way of expressing the feelings I don't always get to express in day to day life. It makes me feel more powerful, more brave, more bad ass. I want every woman to feel that way,” Babeo told me. “Rapping has made me no longer afraid to be myself. I hope to inspire other shy girls to stomp on the ground and scream real loud every now and then.”

Like a modern day Spice Girls (but with a clearer feminist vision and DIY roots), Barf Troop is a project I can really get behind. Not only do these girls rap fearlessly, but they are pushing the boundaries of how mainstream music can exist in subcultural means.

“Barf Troop is all about girl power, but not only that. Barf troop is for everyone who feels a little strange, or nerdy, for anyone who has weird ideas and stays up late watching too many weird movies and downloading too much underground music. Barf troop is for EVERYONE who stands up for themselves and are proud to be who they are--no matter who they are.”

Watch the video below.

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