Listen to a Live Cassette from Screamo Legends, Saetia

Their recorded works are getting reissued on vinyl so get stoked, Discogs nerds.

Jan 12 2016, 5:40pm

Though the screamo scene was short-lived, it produced a near-endless lineage of bands and records at its height in the late 90s/early 2000s. Since the print runs were so limited, most of those records are now highly coveted but largely unavailable unless you’re looking to break your wallet over at Discogs. One of the most heavily sought after bands by collectors is Saetia. The New York band was more than the most influential of the genre. In many ways, they defined it.

Now, Secret Voice, the label offshoot of Deathwish run by Touché Amoré’s Jeremy Bolm, will be making Saetia's discography available for the first time on vinyl this spring. The 180-gram 2XLP called Collected includes their recorded work but not this live recording at ABC No Rio in 1999, which you might recognize as the one tacked on to the end of that A Retrospective CD Level Plane put out a while back. The live set will be made available on cassette/digital, though. It sounds like shit, of course, but if you're a connoisseur of screamo, you'd probably expect that. Listen to it below (and order one right here) and check out a trailer for Collected and get amped.